ANH Jawa Hood & Mask

ANH Jawa Hood & Mask

For the mask I used the “wedge” piece left over from cutting out the robe. (Excuse the bad drawing) 🙂


The face opening is shown in this pic.I sewed it along the top and down the back. Just far enough to where it reaches the base of my neck. Leaving two “tails” that I wrap around my neck and loosely tie behind my neck.


I sewed in the channel for the wire and folded the ends of the wire to keep it from poking thru later.


I added a clasp to the hood under the chin to hold it closed. When I wrap the hood’s tails around my neck, it hides it.


Here’s a side vie of the finished hood. Front pic is at the end of this page.


For the mask itself, I used a fencing mask I had and no longer use. I decided on a location for the eyes and cut out some of the mesh to install the eyes in. And hot glued them on. Please check here for info on what I used for the eyes.


To black out the mask, I used a black sheer curtain I got from Big Lots for $5. Worked out really well. I can see out the entire front of the mask and it hides my face! I glued it on with hot glue. Here you get an idea of the view in my hood. The 2 holes on top of the eyes was my first try. They were too high so I had to move them down some 🙁


Here is the finished mask and hood.


Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with you have any questions.

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