ANH Jawa Robe

ANH Jawa Robe

For the robe I used 7 Yards Monk’s Cloth in Natural. I then dyed it using RIT Dye. Used 4 Dark Brown Powder and 2 Sunshine Orange Powder. I heated about 10 gallons of water to near boiling. Based on weight it called for 15 gallons. But I didn’t have anything that big and I wasn’t about to stain my tub. Also used a cup of salt as recommended. I stirred the cloth continuously for 30 minutes. Then rinsed it off with the hose and washed and dried. Probably don’t want to do this in the kitchen, like I did. lol. 🙂


Finished cloth.


Word of caution with the Monks Cloth. Wash it before you start making the robes. This fabric shrinks like crazy. Around 15%!!

The pattern I used was from the Krayt Clan forums, that M.J. put up. Just tweaked the measurements to better fit me.


Here’s how it looked once I cut out the main robes. And the nice frayed edge. IMG_1034 IMG_1029

I cut the arms out and attached them to the robe and then weathered them with some Dark Brown and Black Rit Dye. I used spray bottles. Focusing on the edges where they would naturally get dirtier.


Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with you have any questions.


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