Garindan Mask

Garindan Mask

For the mask I used the kit from Moncal. It includes the snoot and the goggles. I had him paint it. I stitched some Leather to the snoot and riveted an elastic strap to it.


On the goggles all I had to do was add an elastic strap and the greeblie. The greeblie is a washer with 2 holes drilled into it to match the Gentle Giant Garindan Bust and painted to a weathered golden tone. I took an old ball cap and cut the bill off and glued some leather to it with E-6000. This covers my forehead and makes it seem as if the whole mask is one piece. I also wear a balaclava under all this.


Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with you have any questions or comments.

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