Swedish Mauser Bandolier (Belt)

Swedish Mauser Bandolier

I use this one as a belt worn over my sash. This is optional and not needed for approval.


This bandolier was used by the Swedish during WWI and WWII.

I found mine on ebay and it’s an original from WWI. You can still find these on ebay usually for around $100. But sometimes you can snag one for around the $50 mark. Search terms I used where: leather ammo belt. Leather bandolier, Swedish bandolier. Sometimes doing searches on google you can find other sites that sell these. These bandoliers are also used by the Jawas.

I prefer to use the originals since they come “weathered” and are a part of history. As far as I know there aren’t any patterns out there to make these yourself.

I like that the pockets on the bandolier “expand”. I put my Akter voice amp in one of the pockets.

swedishmauserbandolier swedishmauserbandolier3 swedishmauserbandolierBuckle2 swedishmauserbandolierPouchswedishmauserbandolierBuckleback swedishmauserbandolierBuckle

Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


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