Costume Care

Costume Care

You finally got your costume done and you’re 501st approved. Now how do you take care of it?

As a Tusken Raider we don’t care if we get a tear or an edge frays some. That adds character and natural weathering to our costumes! But after a long day of trooping and sweating. How do we stay fresh and still looking dirty?

Washing your robes can lead to all the dye and weathering you’ve done to get washed out. 🙁 So I highly recommend you use those Dry Cleaner sheets they have for your dryer. Toss in your robes along with one of those sheets and about 20 – 30 minutes later.  They’re nice and fresh and still looking dirty. Just the way we like them.

I’ve used these:

There’s other brands as well. Just shop around and find the one that works best for you. Also note that Monks Cloth will fray when you toss it in the dryer. So don’t be alarmed. Just trim down any long frays.

I also clean my arm wraps and gloves this way too. I run the dryer on medium heat and haven’t had any issues with the hot glue or E-6000 coming undone.

Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with you have any questions or comments.

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