Gaffi Stick

Gaffi Stick

For the Gaffi I used a closet rod, a wooden dowel, copper pipe, lawn spike and a grab bar.


I started by cutting the grab bar  a few inches from the “curve” and trimmed the end of the closet rod so that it would fit into the grab bar. I drilled a couple holes in the grab bar so that I could screw the closet rod in. I also glued the closet rod in place.

gaffi_02 gaffi_03 gaffi_04

I took the dowel and copper tube and cut it down to size and drilled out the closet rod so the copper tube would fit in it. The dowel goes in the copper tube for added support. I drilled holes so I could screw it all together. Also used 2 part epoxy. Then I torn off the green part off of the lawn spike.


The wooden dowel is long enough that it works as a support for the lawn spike inside the copper tube. I cut a piece of dowel rode into 4 parts. Once the lawn spike was inserted into the copper tube. I put in some JB weld and then inserted the pieces of the dowel rod in and topped it off with more JB Weld.


For the “mace head” I used clear acrylic. Cut it to shape and glue them to the copper tube with Gorilla glue super glue. I also used a few “dots” of hot glue for added support and to simulate welds. Been holding strong since 2010! Then primed it black and painted it silver.


The bought the club head (pineapple) from another member. I glued and screwed it to the base of the grab bar. And then primed the gaffi black and painted it brown.

Gaffi_14 Gaffi_17 Gaffi_16

I wrapped the top of the closet rod with some leather to clean up the look of where the mace head starts. I weathered the Gaffi using washes and dry brushing. Even used some dirt :). I used a Dremel to carve in some designs and used a heavy metal file to make some battle damage on the Gaffi.

Gaffi_21 Gaffi_24 Gaffi_25 Gaffi_23


And that’s How I made my Gaffi Stick. Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with you have any questions or comments.

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