Tusken Boots

Tusken Boots

Note: You can also use this method to make Jawa Boots.

To make the boots I bought a nice pair of work boots at Bass Pro Shops. They cost me $100. I figured if I’m going to be walking and standing all day in a hot costume I can’t see out off. I’m going to be comfortable. The cheap $30 -$40 from Walmart kill me. Be sure to get the slip on kind. Easy on and off :).


I used khaki Ducks Cloth that I got from a local fabric store. Some Walmarts carry fabrics and can save you some cash. I cut the cloth into stripes about and inch to 1.5 inches wide. About a foot to 2 feet in length. I then washed them and tossed them in the dryer. They came out a tangled mess. But they looked fantastic! All nice and frayed.

Note: Jawa Boots use Monk’s Cloth.


I wrapped the boots with the strips using a combination of Hot Glue and E-6000 Glue. I alternated hot glue and E-6000 as shown in the picture (Picture is from some Jawa boots I made. I forgot to take this pic when I made my Tusken Boots).


Here’s the boot wrapped up before I weathered them.


To weather the boots I used Rit Dye, I mixed Dark Brown and Black. Mixed in water. I started with the brown and then added black until I liked the color. I weathered the boot darker near the soles. The weathering is actually darker in real life. The photo makes it look lighter.


I then taped the sides of the boot over lapping the sole so as to create a lip. I then used SHOE GOO to create a “new” sole over the cloth on the bottom of the shoe. I’ve use these for 5 years and the “new” sole is still good.


That’s How I made my boots. Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with you have any questions or comments.

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