Tusken Breather

Tusken Breather

I made my breather using two spray cans of wire lube. 🙂 I got the spray cans from Home Depot. The caps on these are perfect as is the diameter!

I got these cans of wire lube at lowes.

Caps are perfect for the Breather!

Next I sprayed out all the lube into a bottle and disposed of it. And then peeled off the labels and cut the bottom off the cans. I also removed the spray heads. On one of the can, I cut it into vertical slits (See pic). I then inserted this can into the bottom of the other one. I used 2 part epoxy to glue these together. Be very careful. These cans will be sharp. I then drilled a hole in the caps to allow the copper tube to pass thru. And glued the caps back on the cans.

Bottoms cut out and spray heads removed.

Cut one can into vertical slits.

Shoved and glued the cut can into the other.

Breather body is done.

The “hanger” that goes around your neck. I used 1/4″ copper tubing. I got some cone shaped nuts and a 1/4″ Brass Compression Union that’s used for to join two lengths of the copper pipe together.  In the picture below you can see all the components I’ve mentioned.


I placed a nut on each side of the caps and glued them into place. I measured an estimated length of pipe and fed it thru the cans.Once I was satisfied with the length. I formed the pipe to hang properly over my shoulders and trimmed it a little. Then I fastened it with the 1/4″ Brass Compression Union. Then I shaped the tubing a bit more.


Then I primed it black and then painted it silver.

Breather_009 Breather_010

Once the paint was dried I used some real leather that I bought at a local craft store and cut it down to size and glued it on the body of the can. I did it so the seam would be on the back side. So you can’t see it. The leather I used is the Tandy Leather brand.


Now came the fun part! Weathering it. I used some acrylic model paints I had and black washed the whole thing. Even the leather. Followed by some dry-brushing  on the caps to bring back some of the highlights of the groves. I then did another wash with a rusty brown color to give the metal and aged look. The leather I gave it several black and dark brown washes. I brush on the wash let it sit and then wiped some away. Kept doing this until I was happy with the way it turned out. I even rubbed some dry dirt on it.Once I was happy with it. I sealed it with a dull clear coat. I love the end result. I’m always getting compliments!

Breather_016 Breather_015 Breather_014

Hope you found this useful. Feel free to contact me with any questions.









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